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Organic Psyllium Psyllium Whole Husk India

Organic Psyllium is USDA 100% certified organic. It simply means that organic psyllium is grown without using pesticides, herbicides or any chemical fertilizer. Also it does not contain any additives, sweeteners and is rated of the highest quality available.

In Psyllium Whole Husk form, derived from the seeds of the herb Plantago Ovata, Psyllium husks are a rich source of soluble fiber.

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Following are the Benefits of Organic Psyllium:
  • Prevention of Colon Cancers
  • Good For Diet (Weight Management) Beneficial To The Digestive System
  • Coated Lactic Acid Bacteria
  • Provides Organics Nutrients & Fibre
  • Raw-Food Nutrition Cleansing & Nourishing The Intestinal
  • Prevention and Relief of Constipation Reduce Blood Cholesterol Levels
  • Reduce Risks of Cardiovascular Diseases